Eric Knowles for State Senate District 30

I am from Maryland and was raised in this district. I went to school at Southern High School and after service in the United States Air Force, I returned to live in Annapolis. When I am not working at my full time job, I am fighting for the idea of limited government and free market capitalism. I volunteered on the Pantelides campaign and helped Mike go door-to-door before the primary and the general election. We went to as many different houses as we could. We even branched out to go through areas where Republicans were not expected to do well, let alone even show up. We took nothing for granted.

I am running for State Senate this year because I am sick of what the Democrats have done to this State. They are hostile to entrepreneurs, small business people, and hard-working honest people in general. Our current State Senator, John Astle, often tries to portray himself as a conservative Democrat, but behind the scenes, more often than not, he votes for bad bills in committee, so that they will survive, and then votes against them on the Senate floor when his vote isn’t needed. This is not what the people of this district deserve.

It is high time to elect a principled constitutional conservative who understands the proper role of the government and the limits on its power. It is time to elect a Republican who will fight the Democratic establishment in Annapolis and who will fight for the little guy.

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